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Michael A. Trick
Visiting Associate Professor

Location: E40-121, x3-0534 Secretary: Kathy Sullivan 258-5583, E53-350


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Office Hours: Tuesday, 10-11:30

Since this is the first time I have taught this course here (and I am doing a few things differently), we have gotten a bit away from the syllabus. The following is now an accurate future (together with the assigned readings for the rest of the course).

October 24. Heuristic Examples (project 3 presentations), Meals on Wheels scheduling. Project 3 due. Project 4 assigned. Optionally read A Minimal Technology Routing System for Meals on Wheels.

October 29. Neural Networks/Genetic Algorithms Please read Genetic Algorithms as a tool of OR. Optionally read Neural Networks for the MS/OR Analyst: An Application Bibliography.

October 31. Evaluating Heuristics. Please read Class Scheduling to Maximize Paticipant Satisfaction.

November 5. NO CLASS (INFORMS)

November 7. Network Optimization. Optionally read Municipal Street Sweeping Operations. Project 4 due. Project 5 assigned.

November 12. Special Cases of Network Optimization. Please read Scheduling American League Umpires

November 14. Data Envelopment Analysis. Please readManaging Bank Productivity. Optionally read Pupil Transportation in NC.

November 19. Stochastic Linear Programming. Please read Search for the SS Central America. Project 5 due. Project 6 assigned.

November 21. Multiple Objective Optimization. TBA

November 26. Analytical Heirarchy Process. Please readHow to Make a Decision


December 3. Putting it all together. Please read Devising a Cost Effective Schedule for a Baseball League Project 6 due.

December 5. Putting it all together.

December 10. Final Exam Project 7 due.


Michael A. Trick
Tue Oct 22 10:57:32 EDT 1996