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Due At the Final Exam

In this project, I would like you to do something completely different. I would like you to find two papers from the literature and write a report discussing them. These papers should be united in some way. At least one paper should have a 1996 publication date (if this causes a problem, please see me). This could include doing two papers on

For this project, you will have to look at published papers. These are available in the library. Some journals I would suggest you look at are:

and any other journals that might interest you.

I would like for you to provide me with a report that contains the following:

  1. A one to two page summary of each paper describing the problem, approaches, and results.
  2. A one to two page comparison of the differences and similarities in the two papers.
  3. An evaluation of each paper describing its strengths and weaknesses, with a particular emphasis on the wider applicability of the results and methods.

Your total report should definitely not be more than 10 pages long, and might be distinctly shorter. Please also include copies of the papers in the report.

If you have difficulty starting this, or finding papers, please come see me for some directions or hints.

Michael A. Trick
Wed Sep 11 11:04:31 EDT 1996