COLOR02: Accepted Papers

Vertex Coloring by Multistage Branch and Bound Massimiliano Caramia, Paolo Dell'Olmo
2+p-COL Toby Walsh
A New Genetic Graph Coloring Heuristic Cornelius Croitoru, Henri Luchian, Ovidiu Gheorghies, Adriana Apetrei
Toward Ordered Generation of Exceptionally Hard Instances for Graph 3-Colorability Kazunori Mizuno and Seiichi Nishihara
Constrained Bandwidth Multicoloration Neighbourhoods Steven Prestwich
An application of Iterated Local Search to Graph Coloring Problem Marco Chiarandini and Thomas Stuetzle
A Branch-and-Cut Algorithm for Graph Coloring Isabel Mendez Diaz and Paula Zabala
A Combined Algorithm for Graph-coloring in Register Allocation Martin Allen, Giridhar Kumaran, and Tong Liu
Adaptive Memory Algorithms for Graph Coloring Philippe Galinier Alain Hertz Nicolas Zufferey
An Ant System Algorithm for Coloring Graphs Thang N. Bui and Chirag M. Patel
Graph coloring in the estimation of mathematical derivatives Shahadat Hossain and Trond Steihaug
Coloring Graphs With a General Heuristic Search Engine Vinhthuy Phan Steven Skiena
Another Look at Graph Coloring via Propositional Satisfiability Van Gelder, Allen
Completing Quasigroups or Latin Squares: A Structured Graph Coloring Problem Carla Gomes and David Shmoys

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