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(From Gary Lewandowski Problem based on register allocation for variables in real codes. For more instances, see the programs and data in graph/contributed/lewandowski.

(From Craig Morgenstern Leighton graphs with guaranteed coloring size. A reference is F.T. Leighton, Journal of Research of the National Bureau of Standards, 84: 489-505 (1979). For many more instances and programs, see the work in graph/contributed/morgenstern.

(From Joe Culberson Quasi-random coloring problem. For generator, and further information, see program and README.gen in graph/contributed/culberson.

(From Gary Lewandowski Class scheduling graphs, with and without study halls.

(From Gary Lewandowski Latin square problem.

(From David Johnson Random graphs used in his paper with Aragon, McGeoch, and Schevon, ``Optimization by Simulated Annelaing: An Experimental Evaluation; Part II, Graph Coloring and Number Partitioning'', Operations Research, 31, 378-406 (1991). DSJC are standard (n,p) random graphs. DSJR are geometric graphs, with DSJR..c being complements of geometric graphs.

Michael A. Trick
Thu Oct 27 13:00:45 EDT 1994