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A natural (and wrong!) first attempt at this problem is to let tex2html_wrap_inline941 be the number of people working on day i. Note that such a variable definition does not match up with what we need to find. It does us no good to know that 15 people work Monday, 13 people Tuesday, and so on because it does not tell us how many workers are needed. Some workers will work both Monday and Tuesday, some only one day, some neither of those days. Instead, let the days be numbers 1 through 7 and let tex2html_wrap_inline941 be the number of workers who begin their five day shift on day i. Our objective is clearly:


Consider the constraint for Monday's staffing level of 14. Who works on Mondays? Clearly those who start their shift on Monday ( tex2html_wrap_inline811 ). Those who start on Tuesday ( tex2html_wrap_inline813 ) do not work on Monday, nor do those who start on Wednesday ( tex2html_wrap_inline965 ). Those who start on Thursday ( tex2html_wrap_inline967 ) do work on Monday, as do those who start on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. This gives the constraint:


Similar arguments give a total formulation of:


Michael A. Trick
Mon Aug 24 14:40:57 EDT 1998